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Working with DoD Training

This training module provides information, advice, and instruction to aid manufacturers in joining the DoD network through contracting agreements. It is offered through SEAMTN collaboration with the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services (CIS) Tennessee APEX Accelerator.

Build, buy, thrive: A manufacturer’s guide to success in federal projects

Unlock new business by mastering the Build America Buy America Act. This legislation mandates that federally-funded infrastructure projects prioritize American-made products, fostering a competitive advantage for domestic manufacturers. This webinar equips manufacturers with the knowledge to navigate the Act, ensuring they can effectively position themselves in the marketplace. By reviewing the Act’s requirements and implications, participants will gain a strategic understanding of how to meet the compliance standards and leverage these regulations to enhance their business prospects.

Cybersecurity awareness and hygiene

Learn tips to keep your business protected from cybersecurity threats. By implementing these cybersecurity awareness practices, small businesses can reduce the risk of cyber threats and create a more secure environment for their operations.

Understanding Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (FOCI)

This webinar discusses risks posed by foreign ownership, control, or influence (FOCI). A company can be subject to FOCI in various ways and FOCI can have a wide range of consequences. FOCI can affect your ability to obtain government contracts, lead to a loss of key personnel, or provide a vector for unwanted technology transfer.

SBA Mentor-Protégé Program

The SBA MPP helps eligible small businesses (protégés) gain capacity and win government contracts through partnerships with more experienced companies that are willing to fill the mentor role. Todd Overman of Bass Berry and Sims explains the ins and outs of the Mentor-Protégé program so that you can learn how to properly utilize these strategies while protecting your small business status.

Subcontracting – Considerations for Government Contractors

Teaming with another company is a great way for a business to augment its skills and capabilities, with the hope of winning more government contracts. As with any relationship, there are certain things to keep in mind before subcontracting with another company. In this presentation, government contracts attorney Matthew Schoonover discusses key considerations when structuring a teaming relationship. Topics include federal regulatory considerations, affiliation concerns, and anecdotal tips for helping foster a productive relationship.

Selecting and Implementing Accounting Software for Government Contracts

This webinar provides an in-depth look at the evaluation and selection process for a government contractor to choose the appropriate accounting software. The speaker is Laura Davis of Premier Consulting & Integration. The discussion includes key areas of the implementation process: System needs assessment, Software evaluation process, Implementation planning and design, Key factors during the implementation process, and Post implementation tips.