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ORNL Researcher using MDF Equipment

Led by the University of Tennessee, SEAMTN (“see mountain”) is a consortium of companies, colleges and universities, national laboratories, non-profit organizations, and the Tennessee state government that seeks to strengthen the US industrial base by investing in machine tool research and development, education, workforce development, and supply chain support. SEAMTN is part of the 2021 cohort for new defense manufacturing communities established and funded by the Defense Manufacturing Community Support Program (DMCSP).

Why was SEAMTN formed?

SEAMTN will address machine tool vulnerabilities that impact US defense manufacturing, national security, and economic prosperity. SEAMTN will establish the greater Tennessee Valley as the US hub for machine tool research, development, and training to revitalize the US machine tool industry. It will form a collaborative defense manufacturing network to specify current machine tool challenges, develop and deploy technologies to address them, and offer training to create a skilled workforce able to implement new technologies. The SEAMTN value proposition is based on partner access to:

  1. a collaborative regional network that can mature, prototype, demonstrate, and facilitate adoption of improved, cost-effective machine tool technologies;
  2. an education and training regimen designed for partner machine tool workforce needs that enables retraining, upskilling, continuing education, and certification; and
  3. students and graduates who are prepared with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet manufacturing job demands.