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SEAMTN Executive Summary

SEAMTN will establish the greater Tennessee Valley as the US hub for machine tool research, development, and training. It identifies the geographic location, partners, and tasks to revitalize the US machine tool industry. The initial federal investment and cost share will form a collaborative defense manufacturing network to:

  1. specify current machine tool challenges
  2. develop and deploy technologies to address them
  3. offer training to create a skilled workforce able to implement new technologies.

The SEAMTN value proposition is based on partner access to:

  • a collaborative regional network that can mature, prototype, demonstrate, and facilitate adoption of improved, cost effective machine tool technologies
  • an education and training regimen, designed for partner machine tool workforce needs, that enables retraining, upskilling, continuing education, and certification
  • students and graduates, including military veterans, who are prepared with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet manufacturing job demands.

The consortium structure is organized into three areas: Develops, Trains, and Connects. Key activities include: technology demonstration sites representing industry, government, and academia, each of which will offer the LIMSĀ® IIoT 4.0 platform for gathering machine parameters and process data through collaboration with NCDMM/America Makes; partner-defined, pre-competitive research projects focused on processes, metrology, machine tools, and machine learning; online training modules including CNC Machining, Metrology, Cybersecurity, Industry 4.0, and Working with DoD (with a focus on Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification), outreach activities to increase the size and diversity of the US manufacturing workforce, and CNC machining apprenticeships; and supply chain integration through a dedicated communication plan. Key project outcomes and performance metrics are:

Outcome 1

Establish three technology demonstration sites to enable partners to observe new machine tool technology and make informed decisions about its adoption.

Performance metric 1: The number of visitors per year for each site will be recorded with follow-up to identify post-visit activities, including technology adoption.

Outcome 2

Offer online training modules at no cost to provide training in: CNC Machining, Metrology, Cybersecurity, Industry 4.0, and Working with DoD.

Performance metric 2: The number of registrations and completions for each module will be recorded with participant demographics and learning assessments.

Outcome 3

Provide outreach efforts including current America Makes programs, Middle College, Cybersecurity Summer Camp, Project GRAD, and Project MFG (machining dynamics support).

Performance metric 3: The number of participants, demographics, and assessments will be recorded.