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CNC Machining Training

Additive Manufacturing tool at ORNL being used

The America’s Cutting Edge (ACE) program is a national initiative for machine tool technology development and advancement. As part of the ACE program, IACMI – The Composites Institute is offering a computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining training program. The online component includes approximately six hours of instruction and is composed of:

  • a machining tutorial, which covers topics including chip formation, tool wear, machining processes, machining equipment, CNC machining, computer aided manufacturing (CAM), and work holding
  • CAM instruction through multiple lessons using an example part
  • a machining dynamics tutorial, which describes the importance of considering machining vibration when selecting CAM parameters
  • CAM lessons that leverage CAM+, a stand-alone app that simulates machining performance and is distributed with the program
  • an introduction to machining cost, which includes tool wear, the influence of machining parameters, and the role of machining dynamics
  • multiple choice quizzes to assess learning and track progress.

Register for the no-cost, online training.