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Examples of In-Kind Support

DoD requires that each proposal establishing a Defense Manufacturing Community include a minimum of $1.25M cost share.  Below are examples of in-kind support that would contribute to this cost share and be helpful to SEAMTN.  These are intended to provide an idea of the types of items SEAMTN could use, but you are not limited to offering the items listed. Note that you are not required to provide in-kind support to join SEAMTN.


  • Wrought aluminum, steel, titanium alloy blocks
  • Metal wire for wire arc deposition
  • Metal powder for powder bed fusion
  • Cutting tools (solid end mills, drills, indexable end mills, and face mills)
  • Cutting tool holders (CAT-40 spindle interface)
  • Cutting fluid


  • Coordinate measuring machine
  • Scanning white light interferometer
  • Stylus profilometer
  • Confocal microscope
  • Digital microscope


  • Diamond turning machine
  • Rolling toolbox(es)
  • Tool setup station
  • Robot/cobot


  • Time to participate in projects (e.g., 3 hrs per week)
  • Time to co-advise students (serve on graduate advisory committee)
  • Time to complete research at own facility (e.g., data collection, measurements of part, machining or hybrid manufacturing or additive manufacturing tests)