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Documents and Links

2022 SEAMTN Symposium Presentations These presentations were provided at the May 7, 2022 SEAMTN Symposium.

UT Center for Industrial Services UT CIS delivers technical assistance and training to businesses and communities throughout Tennessee. Opportunities include help with improving productivity, complying with safety or environmental regulations, selling to a government agency, or introducing a new product.

Smart Talent Systems UT CIS program to address recruiting, training, or retention gaps in a company’s talent development activities.

DoD Office of Small Business Programs This website provides information on the Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP), which is designated to support small business needs.

China’s Machine Tool Industry Recovers Fast and First This article describes China’s recovery from the COVID-19 industry downturn.

Manufacturing Skills Gap This article proposes the source of the manufacturing skills gap and opportunities to address it.

Manufacturing Definitions Guide This article provides a manufacturing glossary with over 80 manufacturing terms and definitions.

Four Easy Steps to Protect Business Growth from Cyberattacks This article describes steps that small to medium businesses can implement to help protect against cyberattacks.

2021 Manufacturing Technology Orders This AMT report summarizes 2021 spending on manufacturing technology.

Securing Defense-Critical Supply Chains This report establishes a plan to improve supply chain resilience and protect against material shortages, including castings and forgings.

Defending Manufacturing Facilities from Security Threats This article describes steps manufacturers can take to protect against security threats.

State of Competition within the Defense Industrial Base This report reviews the state of competition within the defense industrial base (DIB), including areas where a lack of competition may be of concern and recommendations for improving the solicitation process.

Cybersecurity Becomes a CNC Machining Prerequisite This article discusses CMMC, the requirement for certification by third party auditors, and the cost implications.

FY20 DoD Industrial Capabilities Report This report describes the steps necessary to create a robust, resilient, secure, and innovative industrial base.

The State of the Pentagon’s Supply Chain This commentary discusses the implications of sole-source manufacturing for DoD spare parts.

CMMC 2.0 This article encourages manufacturers to engage with the Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 now.

CMMC Guide This guide is gives a high-level overview of the CMMC process.

State of Manufacturing Cybersecurity in 2022 This article provides a summary of what to expect when it comes to cybersecurity and threats that will affect the manufacturing industry in 2022.

2018 Defense Industrial Base & Supply Chain Report This report summarizes a whole-of-government effort to assess risk, identify impacts, and propose recommendations in support of a healthy manufacturing and defense industrial base